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There are many uses of fake id cards to our clients. We have clients who buy fake id cards just to be able to use the id cards to get access to parties. Also, some clients buy fake id cards so that they can use it to validate online activities under a different identity. However, We equally have clients who want to buy registered id cards. So many of our clients who want to buy registered id cards are people who want to use these id cards to change their identities completely, people who want to create new bank accounts, people who want to travel, people who want to apply for new jobs and for many other applications.

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We can make your id card ready in just 3 days. Also, if you order a registered id card, if is more expensive and takes more time to be done than the unregistered id card. The difference in price between the registered and the unregistered id card is as a result of the extra cost of registration. Our customer service consultants are polite and take care of every detail when processing your information. The quality of our id cards is high and you can be confident to use your registered id cards wherever you need to. When you buy a registered id card from us, you can as well be confident to let the police scan the id card and you will have no problems.

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